2014-2015 ANC Membership Dues

It is that time again – time to fill out and submit the 2015 ANC Membership Form! The annual dues are now $50.00. Thank you very much for your renewals in advance, and we look forward to the New Year with a strong ANC presence. The first meeting of 2015 will be January 28.

Thank you for your continued support of the Austin Neighborhoods Council. We have a shared vision with our vision statement that ANC is a leader in preserving the quality of life in Austin.

The 2014-2015 Executive Committee

8 comments on “2014-2015 ANC Membership Dues
  1. Joe Bedell says:


    I am not a member of the ANC. I am a member of the Hyde Park NA and the HP Neighborhood Contact Team. I have a question that your membership may be able to answer. Assuming there is an ANC list-serve –

    1. May a non-member post to your list serve?
    2. Would you post it on your list serve for me?

    The question has to do with Neighborhood Contact Team by-laws. Are the NCTs in Austin that allow electronic voting?



  2. Stuart Hampton says:

    I will bring the completed membership form and a $50 check to the 1/28/15 meeting.

    I hope this will suffice1

    Stuart Hampton
    VP External Affairs, Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Association

  3. Patricia Seeger says:

    Just learned my neighborhood did not pay 2014-2015 dues. I will send in right away. Please make me the ANC contact for Jester NA.

    Thank you.
    Patricia Seeger
    Jester Estates

  4. Deborah Castro says:

    Can you please direct me to the 2016 membership application?

  5. Deborah Castro says:

    How much is the annual dues for 2016?

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