About the ANC

Austin Neighborhoods Council is an effective champion for improving the well- being and the quality of life in Austin’s neighborhoods.

Austin Neighborhoods Council leads and promotes a culture of civic engagement by connecting, supporting, and protecting Austin’s neighborhoods through education and advocacy.

We advocate for:
Responsible growth
Collaborative problem-solving
Diversity in community

The Austin Neighborhoods Council (ANC) is Austin’s only comprehensive representative of the City’s neighborhood associations. More than 40 years old, ANC consists of nearly 100 member neighborhood associations representing hundreds of thousands individual residents all across Austin.

The current bylaws of ANC

The 2018 Membership form for ANC

Founded in 1973, the Austin Neighborhoods Council (ANC) is among Austin’s oldest and most prominent community organizations. The ANC was created to be the city wide umbrella organization to support neighborhood interests.

Austin is one of America’s greatest cites, and as we face the new challenges of the twenty first century, the ANC will continue to advocate for all of Austin neighborhoods, to work to make Austin the very best community for all of our citizens by supporting our over 100 individual neighborhood associations.

Austin is often described as an oasis in central Texas, envied for its natural beauty with the hill county and the Colorado River, and is home of the University of Texas and our State Capital. The charm of Austin is also reflected in the many wonderful vibrant neighborhoods through out the city, each with its own unique character and spirit, much like the pieces of a lovely patchwork quilt.

The preservation of the quality of life in these neighborhoods is a major goal of the many neighborhood associations that have been established all over Austin. Many of these associations date from our earliest subdivisions, while others have resulted from Austin’s recent growth. While individual neighborhood associations have been primarily focused on their particular areas and concerns, in the early 1970’s it was recognized that there were many similar issues being addressed from one neighborhood to the next and that a collaboration among neighborhood associations would be a benefit to all.