Affordability – Austin’s Trojan Horse

Austin’s Commercial Real Estate Industry Promotes “Affordability” as a Trojan Horse to Destroy Our Single-Family Neighborhoods.

A press conference was held Monday, February 22, 2016 at Austin City Hall, to release a report showing that the Austin commercial real estate industry seeks to gut single family zoning and commercialize our neighborhoods. While they promise more affordability, they are actually making our city more expensive and less livableThis is of great interest to single-family homeowners and advocates from across Austin whose single-family neighborhoods are threatened by the real estate industry’s Trojan Horse of “affordability”.  The report reveals to Austin’s single-family neighborhoods that the commercial real estate industry aims to commercialize our neighborhoods to maximize their profits under the covers of “affordability”, “density”, and CodeNEXT.

Contact: Fred Lewis at or 512-636-1389 (c)

Austin’s Trojan Horse

One comment on “Affordability – Austin’s Trojan Horse
  1. Thomas Ates says:

    In the city with the highest degree of economic segregation in the nation, you want class & racial diversity in central core neighborhoods? What are you willing to do to achieve that? Those are the only questions Austin’s highly endangered middle & working-class & minorities want to ask.

    (And yes, both questions are simple. Yes or No.)

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