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AUSTIN, Texas — Sept. 27, 2018 — The Austin Neighborhoods Council (ANC), whose membership totals over 80 neighborhood associations, today announced the candidates its members voted to endorse in the 2018 Austin City Council election.


ANC hosted its official City Council forum and endorsement meeting on Wednesday, September 26, 2018. Residents representing our diversity of neighborhoods all over Austin listened as candidates for City Council districts 1,3,8,9 and Mayor participated in the event.


The 2018 ANC City Council Endorsements:


District 1:Vincent Harding

District 3:       Susana Almanza

District 8:Bobby Levinski

District 9:Kathy Tovo

Mayor:Laura Morrison


Candidates also completed a written survey.  Responses may be found at:


“We provide a forum to discuss candidates’ positions on issues specifically related to one of Austin’s many at risk assets- our neighborhoods and the quality of life our citizens,”said ANC President, Jeff Jack.“Since the CodeNEXT debacle we now have a much clearer idea of what is at stake as our land-development code is addressed. The stakes are high and our members endorsed the candidates who best represent Austin residents and neighborhoods in this process.”


This was ANC’s third City Council forum and endorsement meeting since adoption of the 10-1 single-member district system.


The ANC’s scorecard for all City Council districts was also released today and may be found at:


Council Members Houston, Alter, Pool and Tovo recieved the highest marks for addressing issues within the ANC platform.


“This scorecard reflects the Austin Neighborhoods Council values and how our Council Members have addressed these issues this year,” said ANC President Jeff Jack.  “I’m proud of our high scoring Council Members for listening to the citizen voices over the voices of big business and corporate interests.  Without theses Council Members our voices would be surely be drowned out.”


The Austin Neighborhoods Council (ANC) is Austin’s only comprehensive representative of the City’s neighborhood associations. More than 40 years old, ANC consists of over 80 member neighborhood associations representing hundreds of thousands individual residents all across Austin.


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