ANC Nomination Committee Presents Slate

Sector 7 Rep Tom Nuckols presented the Nominations Committee Report. The Nominations Committee slate is Mary Ingle for president, Joyce Basciano for VP 1, David King for VP 2, Vera Givens for VP 3, Laura Pressley and Robert Thomas for Co-Secretaries, Mary Eichner for Treasurer, Lisa Harris and Melinda Schiera for Co-Communications Coordinators, Jason Meeker for Sector 1 Rep, Kevin Wier for Sector 2 Rep, Sheryl Cheatham for Sector 3 rep, Linda Bailey for Sector 4 Rep, Penelope Doherty for Sector 5 Rep, Daniel Llanes for Sector 6 Rep, Tom Nuckols for Sector 7 Rep, Marion Mlotok for Sector 8 Rep, Malcolm Yeatts for Sector 9 Rep and Patricia King for Sector 10 Rep. Carol Lee will be Immediate Past President. There were also nominations from the floor: Jolene Kiolbassa for Co-Secretary and August Harris for Sector 5 Rep. Elections will occur at the October General Meeting.

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