ANCtalk is a listserv hosted by Yahoo!®Groups and sponsored and moderated by ANC. Its purpose is to allow back and forth communications about Austin and its neighborhoods between members of the Austin Neighborhoods Council. ANCtalk’s purpose is to provide a space for member neighborhoods to promote and share our vision statement in a polite and respectful manner.

ANC leads and promotes a culture of civic engagement by connecting and supporting all Austin neighborhoods in the following ways:
By working together in harmony;
By sharing vital information with citizens;
By honoring diversity;
By seeking support from and cooperation with other groups, as well as elected officials;
By advocating neighborhood-friendly public policies and the neighborhood right of self-determination;
By speaking out and speaking up;
By endorsing candidates who support our mission;
And by striving to build and sustain inclusive, safe, affordable, and livable neighborhoods and communities throughout Austin—now and for many generations to come.

ANCtalk Rules 2015


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