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August General Meeting

The August General meeting started off with Council Member Laura Morrison providing an update on the Corridor and Neighborhood planning process. Austin Neighborhoods Council members voted on each plank on the proposed ANC Platform. All planks passed and the ANC

ANC Platform & August General Meeting agenda

Austin Neighborhoods Council members will be given the opportunity to vote in favor of or against each platform “plank” within the ANC Platform at the ANC General Membership meeting on Wednesday, August 27, 2014. The following ANC Platform document will

Code Diagnosis Document Comments/Review

The following analysis is a good faith effort to offer improvements to the Code Diagnosis document and thereby improvements to the future of Austin and its citizens’ quality of life. Code Diagnosis Comments/Review by Mary Ingle and by ANC Executive

July General Meeting

The Austin Neighborhoods Council started its July meeting with an announcement that the organization has 94 members. Thank you to all of our members! Brigid Shea, co-founder of Save Our Springs, and former Austin City Council member, presented on the

July General Meeting agenda

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AISD Superintendent Public Forums

Be a part of the process. Participate in one of the AISD Superintendent Search Forums happening next week. Choose a community forum near you and bring a friend or two! If you can’t attend, please complete the survey at the

June General Meeting

The Austin Neighborhoods Council started its June meeting with Council Member Laura Morrison speaking about current items on the 6/26/14 City Council agenda. Greg Meszaros, Director of the Austin Water Utility, presented in regard to drought and water rate increases,

May General Meeting

The Austin Neighborhoods Council meeting started off the May meeting with Bruce Elfant, Travis County Tax Appraiser, discussing the collection of property taxes. Marya Crigler, Chief Appraiser with the Travis Central Appraisal District, discussed the appraisal of a property and

April General Meeting

The Austin Neighborhoods Council meeting started off with the announcement of plans for the ANC City Council Candidate Forum by ANC Sector Representatives, August Harris and Tom Nuckols. Councilmembers Bill Spelman and Laura Morrison answered questions in regard to the

March General Meeting

The March General Meeting started off with Mayor Lee Leffingwell speaking about process of using Economic Development Incentives. Jim Duncan, Land Development Code Advisory Committee member, gave a presentation on Sustainable Code. ANC Sector Representatives, Kevin Wier, Jason Meeker and