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Resolution in Regards to Neighborhood Plans & CodeNext

The following resolution will be voted on by the CodeNEXT advisory group next month.  It is important to show support for this resolution from all of Austin neighborhoods, from Neighborhood Plan Contact Teams and from individual neighborhood leaders and advocates.   If you believe that our new

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Code Diagnosis Document Comments/Review

The following analysis is a good faith effort to offer improvements to the Code Diagnosis document and thereby improvements to the future of Austin and its citizens’ quality of life. Code Diagnosis Comments/Review by Mary Ingle and by ANC Executive

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AISD Superintendent Public Forums

Be a part of the process. Participate in one of the AISD Superintendent Search Forums happening next week. Choose a community forum near you and bring a friend or two! If you can’t attend, please complete the survey at the

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Fire Safety Resources

Fire Safety in your Austin Neighborhood -Compiled by ANC Sector 4 Rep Linda Bailey Which neighborhoods are most vulnerable to fire? Put in your zip code to find out. Tips on defending your home from fire – Two Page Checklist,

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Answers to questions about reverse notification system (RNS)

The Fire Department sent us the following answers to questions concerning the new reverse notification system (which is often called reverse 911): 1. Will we have to re-register from the old system to the new system? Yes. The telephone numbers

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ICRC releases preliminary final map

You can view an interactive version of the preliminary final map on their website:

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ICRC releases preliminary map

You can review their interactive map on their website:

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