General Meeting – August 24th

The Austin Neighborhoods Council General Membership meeting will be this coming Wednesday, August 24th at 721 Barton Springs Road (Austin Energy Building- parking is available) from 7- 9 PM; Meet and Greet starts at 6:30 PM.

We have a great program for this month; to top the marquee is that topic that everyone is curious about- “Go Big”- the Mobility Bonds. We will have a pro/con panel discussion starring Jim Wick, Ted Siff, Mike Levy and Roger Falk with Ben Wear from the Austin American Statesman, presiding. Introductory presentations are next in the queue from the Capital Planning Office with Director Mike Trimble who will talk about bond development, and then drilling down to the specifics, Moses Garcia from the Bond Oversight Commission will hold forth.

After those “fireworks,” Assistant City Manager Bert Lumbreras and Rodney Gonzales, the new director of the Development Services Department, will update us about the role of the City’s bureaucracy. Susan Moffat, Kevin Wier, and Patricia King will talk about their experiences on the CodeNEXT Advisory Committee (note that there are 2 ANC representatives on the CAG- how cool is that!). As customary following the CAG members, Jim Duncan the Chair of the CAG will give a CodeNEXT Update.

Interspersed in the program there will present the 2 ANC resolutions up for a vote sponsored by ANC VP2, David King: ANC Resolution for a Department of Neighborhoods and ANC’s Resolution on Affordable Housing- be sure to consult with your neighborhood before the vote on these resolutions. Even though the Texas weather has been sweltering as the summer winds down, these topics will heat up the room on Wednesday night with cool heads prevailing! Check our website for the agenda:

Mary Ingle
ANC President

The Austin Neighborhoods Council (ANC) is Austin’s only comprehensive representative of the City’s neighborhood associations. More than 40 years old, ANC consists of nearly 100 member neighborhood associations representing hundreds of thousands individual residents all across Austin.

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