General Meeting – July 27th

Dear ANC Member Representatives,
It is that time again- the ANC General Membership will meet this coming Wednesday, July 27 at 7-9 PM, 721 Barton Springs Road. As usual, we have a sizzling program planned for you!  In order to promote “healing” within our community and nationwide, our first speaker, Saundra Kirk will give a talk entitled, “Embracing America’s Melting Pot.” With “Back to School” just around the corner, Paul Cruz, the Superintendent of AUstin Independent School District will give us an update on AISD. Greg Guernsey from the City’s Planning and Zoning Department will also be there with an update on CodeNEXT, especially important with so many CodeNEXT staff members who have taken jobs elsewhere.
We have the great fortune to have Bill Aleshire, well-known in the community as a Government Transparency Activist, to speak about government transparency. ANC Member,James Bilodeau, will present an internal ANC Executive Committee project/product, the ANC Scorecard that rates all of the Council Members and Mayor for their voting records (this is particularly important since the City does not have an electronic document with these votes available!). Well-known attorney, Fred Lewis, will give his perspective on the CodeNEXT Affordability Prescription Paper, and Our CAG (Citizen’s Advisory Group for CodeNEXT) member of the month will be Lauren Ice, an attorney for SOS with environmental expertise.
I look forward to seeing all of you at the July ANC General Membership Meeting on Wednesday, July 27! Our complete agenda will be posted on our website.
Mary Ingle
ANC President
One comment on “General Meeting – July 27th
  1. David Orr says:

    Is there any chance of having a discussion about the upcoming $700+ million transportation bond vote before council? There’s near zero $$ for transit! Unless the city gets serious about offering viable transit alternatives the number of cars coming into and out of the city every day will only increase as the sprawl monsters devour the rural lands and exurbs around the city.

    It would be most helpful if the ANC would support a resolution endorsing the proposal by the Central Austin Community Development Corporation — — to put a light rail bond on the ballot. Council will make the final decision in early August.

    If you can’t get a discussion and/or resolution on this month’s program PLEASE put this on for the following meeting! Even if it doesn’t get onto the November ballot, we need the ANC to take a stand for transit.

    If ANC considers an endorsement for the transportation ballot, I hope you will give serious consideration to the council’s failure to provide for transit. Building more road capacity will only encourage more commuters to drive in from Round Rock and Hays County, clogging our city’s roads, and polluting our air. The longer we delay and ignore the need to improve our transit system, the more expensive it becomes and the more complicated it will be to put in new infrastructure right after the city lays more concrete for more cars.

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