Resolution in Regards to Neighborhood Plans & CodeNext

The following resolution will be voted on by the CodeNEXT advisory group next month.  It is important to show support for this resolution from all of Austin neighborhoods, from Neighborhood Plan Contact Teams and from individual neighborhood leaders and advocates.  

If you believe that our new zoning code should allow for the realization of our adopted neighborhood plans, the ANC urges you to let the advisory group know your position on this resolution. 

To help facilitate this valuable input to the advisory group please also find a list of talking points and the contact information for the City’s staff liaisons to the Code Advisory Group (CAG).Please send your comments to Matt Dugan as soon as you can so that he can forward the to all the CAG members




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Code Diagnosis Document Comments/Review

The following analysis is a good faith effort to offer improvements to the Code Diagnosis document and thereby improvements to the future of Austin and its citizens’ quality of life. Code Diagnosis Comments/Review by Mary Ingle and by ANC Executive Committee members

This analysis details how these categories from Opticos (ineffective base zoning districts, competing layers of regulation, complicated opt-in/opt-out process, lack of household affordability and choice, auto-centric code, LDC is not always inline with Imagine Austin, ineffectual digital code, code changes adversely affected department organization, and incomplete and complicated administrative procedures) need to be improved with citizen stakeholders as part of this process to shape the future for a quality code and process that Austin’s citizens deserve.

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AISD Superintendent Public Forums

Be a part of the process. Participate in one of the AISD Superintendent Search Forums happening next week. Choose a community forum near you and bring a friend or two! If you can’t attend, please complete the survey at the Superintendent Search page.


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Fire Safety Resources

Fire Safety in your Austin Neighborhood
-Compiled by ANC Sector 4 Rep Linda Bailey

Which neighborhoods are most vulnerable to fire? Put in your zip code to find out.

Tips on defending your home from fire – Two Page Checklist, visit your fire department, click the Central Texas Fire Action Guide, or individual and community preparation steps US Firewise Program(slow to load)

Up To Date Fire Info – Fires burning now, have the fire department notify you of life threatening fire in your area, where to report a fire

Neighborhood Issues – schedule a speaker from your fire department or call your local fire department

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Answers to questions about reverse notification system (RNS)

The Fire Department sent us the following answers to questions concerning the new reverse notification system (which is often called reverse 911):

1. Will we have to re-register from the old system to the new system?

Yes. The telephone numbers that were registered on the old system will be taken out of service at the end of February. They are in the process of completing a second round of calls to everyone who registered on the old system advising them of the need to register on the new system.

2. Is the information we provide secure or can it be resold?

Only authorized public safety personnel can access the information to make a notification message. No phone numbers are provided to the public.

3. For what reasons will we be notified through the RNS system?

The RNS system uses the 9-1-1 database, commercial GIS database, and the citizen registry to call residents in the 10-county area only in a situation where property or human life is in jeopardy. Public safety officials will contact those residents associated with a phone number in the emergent affected area. Each jurisdiction/organization may use the system to make nonemergency notifications as well but will not make such notifications between 7 p.m. and 8 a.m.

More information is available at this page on the CAPCOG website

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ICRC releases preliminary final map

You can view an interactive version of the preliminary final map on their website:

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ICRC releases preliminary map

You can review their interactive map on their website:

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