June General Meeting


The Austin Neighborhoods Council started its June meeting with Council Member Laura Morrison speaking about current items on the 6/26/14 City Council agenda.

Greg Meszaros, Director of the Austin Water Utility, presented in regard to drought and water rate increases, showing the projected water consumption by drought stage, and forecasting what the rate increases need to be.

Dr. Lauren Ross, Ph.D., P. E., (Environmental Engineer), owner of Glenrose Engineering, Inc. presented the Austin Water Task Force’s Resource Planning and Guiding Principles.

Tom Nuckols, ANC Sector 7 representative, and August Harris, ANC Sector 5 representative, presented the ANC Platform Rollout for ANC Candidate Forum. Please send your comments to: platform@ancweb.org.

Dr. Bo McCarver, Ph.d., Chair of the Blackland Community Development, “rolled out” a resolution: Alternative Plans for I-35 Corridor. Please submit comments and suggestions for changes to the resolution: bmccarver@austin.rr.com.

Nancy McDonald, Director of Government Affairs for Real Estate Council of Austin, gave a “RECA” perspective of CodeNEXT Code Diagnosis of RECA. Jeff Jack, Land Development Code Advisory Committee Member, presented a counterpoint to the RECA position.

For more information, please see the agenda.

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