CodeNext Version 3 Facts (Bryker Woods)


October 25 Presentation by Community, Not Commodity–Is CodeNect”Legal”?

September 27 Presentation by Community, Not Commodity–CodeNext Round 2

September 27 Presentation by Jim Duncan–CodeNext or Code Wreck?

August 23 Presentation by Bobby Levinski on Public Information Request re: CodeNext Mapping

July 26 Presentation by Jim Duncan–Code Next: Are We There Yet?

June 28 Presentation by Community, not Commodity: 10 Step CodeNext Neighborhood Assessment

June 28 Presentation by Ed Wendler on Development Economics and Impact on Zoning, Demolitions, and Gentrification

CodeNext: Progress Report, by Jim Duncan – May 1, 2017

CodeNext: What Can YOU Do?


2015 JAN – Managing Growth in Austin: The Impossible Dream?

2015 APRIL – Modeling in Support of Comprehensive Planning

2015 July – CodeNext Resolution



2014 FEB – LDC CodeNEXT Timeline

2014 LDC – Cost Burdened Households

2014 JAN – CodeNext Update – Jeff Jack

2014 FEB ANC General Meeting Minutes

2014 May – CodeNEXT LDC Rewrite – Code Diagnosis

2014 JUNE – Code Diagnosis Comments/Review

2014 SEPT – Comments to LDC CAG – Nuckols

2014 OCT – ANC EC Code Approaches Letter

2014 ANC EC – CodeNEXT Approach Resolution


Land Development Code Revision presentation to ANC – August 20, 2013

Code Workshop, Staff Response Sheet

Code Workshop, Participant Questions, pg. 1

Code Workshop, Participant Questions, pg. 2

Code Workshop, ANC Product

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One comment on “CodeNext
  1. shivaun perez says:

    Thank you for your effort to unite and empower our neighborhoods. I wish to inform you of a recent notice some of our neighborhood received about a 164.5 acre development over the Slaughter Creek wathershed which is a drinking water watershed area and part of the SOS for water preservation. I found your article on the recent case of impropriety on the land commission and city council. The developer had the address changed in order to access one of our dead-end streets which is in the 2-mile EJT for City of Austin and they of course have been working with the county and city for years and leaving us out of the loop. There are numerous issues with the proposed plan that that claims to be using Dripping Springs School district yet is in Travis County and a city austin approved water utility. The development would but a tremendous burden of traffic to our neighborhood our narrow road and we are concerned that it could be a cut-through for traffic between 290 and 1826. 1826 already has too many cars for two lanes. We are concerned that infrastructure is not keeping up with development and we are not being allowed to have a say in the process or outcome. We would like to get the word out about this development and could use help and advice on how to represent our neighborhood. The case # for the preliminary plans of Live Oak Springs subdivision is: C8J-2014-0113. The link is: or We are having a neighborhood meeting this Sunday September 7 from 2-4 at 9416 Zyle Rd if there is somebody that would like to attend, they are welcome. If you would like to contact me my number i: 512-796-3507. There is something very strange about this development and the impact of the covert process can have catastrophic implications for a large segment of SW Austin if there is no water, and no roadways to evacuate from fire. Your response is greatly appreciated. Shivaun

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