Nominations: Slate of Officers & Communicating With City Council

Dear Member Representative,

The ANC nominees for the 2016 Executive Committee have been announced! Please take some time to look over the ballot and these nominations:

Nominations: Slate of Officers

We’d also like to encourage you to make these two resources available to your residents and your boards:

Connecting with City Council

Communicating with Council Offices


Mary Rudig, Communications Chair

2 comments on “Nominations: Slate of Officers & Communicating With City Council
  1. Linda Haynie says:

    How does one request a place on the agenda for the next ANC council?

  2. Shane R. Saum says:

    Who is the main contact for joining the ANC? I have emailed the membership address posted on this site and the person who responded said they no longer handle membership for ANC. We have a large group of people in my neighborhood who want to join and start a neighborhood group. If anyone on this site could put me in contact with someone at ANC that would be greatly appreciated. My email address is

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